365 Days of Writing: Day 19 – Ginger Cats and Home Invasions Part 2

A week ago, I made a post about this badass, fearless ginger kitty that invaded our home for some food. Well, this week we had 2 more encounters with this kitty.

Don’t be worried. She’s still alive. And she didn’t exactly invade our house.

Just our porch.

Ok let me clarify.

This happened close to midnight just a few days ago, when we were cooking the next batch of dog food. So of course the scent of boiled meat was like a siren’s call to the kitty. And she attempted to steal from us once again.

But, it just so happened that while Cas (the killer) was upstairs, the other 2 were downstairs with us. It was raining, so we hadn’t gone for our usual walk yet. And Sasha (the one with the humongous satellite dishes for ears) heard the kitty. She immediately sprang up from her nap and ran outside, barking.

Lucky for the cat, it was Sasha and not Cas who’d heard her first. Otherwise she’d have been mauled. Sasha lacks the killer instinct so all she did was corner her and bark menacingly  at the poor frightened cat burglar. Gotta hand it to the kitty – she was quick enough to jump to the top of the wall separating our house and our neighbours. But I think the effort cost her, plus Cas and Snowy were out in the porch by then, adding to her terror. So she was petrified with fear and couldn’t jump away from the wall. Plus I think she was still starving and the scent of the meat was still too enticing.

FullSizeRender (10)
Look at the poor frightened kitty 😦  (p.s. excuse the poor quality of the photo. It was in the middle of the night and I didn’t want to use flash and frighten her even more)

My SO and I decided that he’d usher the guard dogs in and close the door while I went out to feed her some kibble and coax her away from the house. So that’s what I tried to do. It was very hard to convince her though – she was too terrified. Her pupils were fully dilated and her back was up. So I kept my eyes on her and spoke soothingly to her while I backed away from her outside the gates and away from our house. I then left a pile of kibble at the outer edge of the neighbour’s gate, far away from ours and meowed at her (yes, I meowed. Don’t judge me! How else was I supposed to call her??) She looked at the kibble and knew what it was (because of course I’d fed her the same stuff previously!) but she was still to afraid to climb down. So I left a trail of kibble from her perch, onto the neighbour’s gate and then along the walkway, leading to the pile of kibble.

And it worked!

She took awhile but the trail managed to get her moving. She followed the kibble all the way to the pile and then started munching on it. Happy at my success, I went back indoors and let the dogs out. They couldn’t see her anymore so they quietened.

Tonight, we saw her again. On our way back from the walk. She looked if possible even more starved. So we left the dogs back home and I came out to give her some kibble.

And you know what? This time she didn’t wait until I backed away before launching on the kibble! Either she’s getting used to me, or she’s too hungry to care.

Either way, I’m glad she’s still around.


Quote of the Day 080914

The thing that comes to my house does not come every night. But it comes most night: we know it by the wounds on the cat, and the pain I can see in those leonine eyes. He has lost the use of his front left paw, and his right eye has closed for good.

I wonder what we did to deserve the Black Cat. I wonder who sent him. And, selfish and scared, I wonder how much more he has to give.


~ The Price, Neil Gaiman

Quote of the Day 240814

No sooner had the reverberation of my blows sunk into silence, than I was answered by a voice from within the tomb! – by a cry, at first muffled and broken, like the sobbing of a child, and then quickly swelling into one long, loud, and continuous scream, utterly anomalous and inhuman – a howl – a wailing shriek, half of horror and half of triumph, such as might have arisen only out of hell, conjointly from the throats of the damned in their agony and of the demons that exult in the damnation.

~ The Black Cat, Edgar Allan Poe

Weekend Musings – Much ado about a Kitten

I love cats. That’s no secret.

I love dogs too. And pretty much every other animal out there.

But this post is about cats; so we’ll stick with them.

So…..cats. Yea. I love them. But I do know that there are people who… don’t.

Shocking. Right? I mean, you’d think with all the cat-worship going on in the internet that the felines are pretty much universally loved.

Well, you’d be WRONG.

There are a number of people whom I know personally who don’t like cats. Some don’t mind them, as long as they stay away from them; and others who just don’t see the appeal. At all.

Some of my housemates fall into the latter category. By their own admission, the guy prefers dogs and the girl prefers insects. Yes, INSECTS. She prefers those creepy-crawlies to furry little kittens.

Well, to each his or her own I guess.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I got home one night after my usual walk and found my cousin in possession of a mewling kitten that was rescued by that very couple!

The dog-lover and insect-lover couple had come across a wet, bedraggled kitten abandoned callously by someone at the banks of the reservoir near our home. And they decided to bring her back so that she could be taken care of.

We knew she was abandoned because they found her huddled and shivering uncontrollably in a pit near the grass next to a cardboard box that was thoroughly soaked from the rain. The box contained a single shallow dish with soured milk. So she’s been there for at least a few days already. We also found out later after she’d been brought to the vet that she was barely 3-4 weeks old.

So, someone had removed a newborn kitten from her mother and just chucked her in the park with little or no thought to her well-being and our housemates just happened to miraculously spot her. And being the wonderfully decent human beings they are, they brought her home to warmth and safety.

And cuddles. Lots of cuddles.

The adorable little munchkin taking a much deserved nap
The adorable little munchkin taking a much deserved nap

People do the strangest things huh?

They’d just rescued her from an almost certain death by either drowning, exposure to the elements or starvation. And they don’t even like cats.

I guess at the end of the day, you can be a dog-lover, a cat-lover or even an insect-lover and it really doesn’t matter at all. What matters is whether you are the person who abandons a living, breathing being that is dependent on you for survival, or the person who picks it up and brings it home.

To cuddle.

Yes, we named her munchkin. It seemed to suit her. How could anyone abandon this much adorableness???
Yes, we named her munchkin. It seemed to suit her. How could anyone abandon this much adorableness???

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”  ~ Charles Darwin

Weekend Musings – Moving House

Let me start off by making a statement that anyone who’s ever moved homes before is obviously aware of – it is a freaking huge PAIN! You have to pack every damn thing you own, (while discarding the numerous USELESS THINGS you’ve accumulated for God knows what reasons.. I mean did I really need that weird thingamabob or whatchamacallit?! NO I DON”T! What is it? Dunno. What does it do? Beats me. Why did I buy it? For God’s sake don’t ask me! Just TRASH IT!!) I think sometimes I get temporarily insane, and just impulse-buy objects based on their cuteness and/or perceived usefulness. And then I chuck them in a corner where they gather dust, and I conveniently forget they ever existed. Until this moment, when I have to pack my stuff. And then the head-scratching and exasperated conversations with myself begin, concluding with me dumping the whole lot while wondering if I may have made a mistake in throwing the thingamabob ‘coz you know, it might have been something I’ll absolutely be in need of down the road.. sometime.. later? I don’t know, don’t ask me! Ok, starting to panic now… need to look at something to relax. Stat!

Curious Kitty
Ah… that’s better. Hullo my lovely Patchey! Ok, I’m relaxed now 🙂

So.. anyway.. where was I again? Oh yeah, moving house.

Why did we have to move again? Long story short, the HDB rules (Housing Development Board) had become stricter, and so our landlord being only a PR (Permanent Resident) was no longer eligible to rent out the whole flat. So either one of us had to move out, or all of us needed to find a new flat to rent together. Since we all couldn’t bear the thought of separating, we decided to hunt for another flat to move into. (I adore my flatmates. Couldn’t ask for a better lot to share a flat with 🙂 ) And we had to do so within 3 months! (Landlord was informed of this new regulation in February this year, which meant that we had to move out by May)  After some intensive house-hunting, we finally found the perfect place with just 4 weeks to spare. We just couldn’t believe our luck, after cutting it so close! Phew!

Now that the new lease was signed and stamp duty fee paid for, we needed to work out the logistics of the actual move.

Packing your stuff, discarding unwanted clutter is exhausting enough. But the truly annoying matters are the other stuff you have to take care of simultaneously. And since I absolutely ADORE lists, I’m going to list down the tasks we had to tackle for a smooth transition when moving from one flat to the next, within a couple of days

2012-08-03 16.51.37
Something delicious and pretty to look at before we get into the list.

Cupcake. Yum….

Now.. where was I? Oh yes. List.

  1. Do a walk-through of the new apartment, with a digital camera to record any concern’s you have. VERY IMPORTANT to have photo-documentation BEFORE you move in. Otherwise, the landlord may claim that those damages occured after you moved in and insist on using your deposit to do the repairs. We tested every electrical socket and light switch to be certain they all worked fine.
  2. Make sure you and flatmates sit down and work out the details of costs involved, and how you’re going to share the financial burden.
  3. We moved into an unfurnished flat. So we had to add the cost of purchasing new furniture to our budget as well. Of course we had to buy individual items, but there were some items we decided we’d be better off sharing the costs for, ie a bookshelf and kitchen cabinet. It’s important to work these things out before moving, so that you can budget your finances accordingly. Otherwise, you may just get the shock of your life when you finally work out how much you need to fork out this month alone.
  4. Work out transfer of utilities bill from landlord to us. (This is VERY important to do BEFORE the actual move. You need electricity and water and it’s more practical to do it as a transfer at least one day before your move so that you’re not left fumbling in the dark when you stay over that first night. )
  5. Arrange for transfer of internet access from old flat to new on moving day.
  6. Call the movers and arrange for them to send boxes over at least a week in advance. (Otherwise how are you gonna pack your stuff, I wonder) Some companies will not charge for the boxes, while others will request a deposit. As long as you return the boxes to them after the move, they’ll hand over the deposit to you. Our movers required a deposit, but did not give us a time limit to return the boxes. So we can unpack at our leisure and collect the deposit even a month later.
  7. Discard clutter. Send recyclables for recycling instead of just dumping them away. Be green 🙂
  8. Pack everything but the food first. It’s important to leave the packing of food items to the last. You don’t want to pack them in a box, only to lose sight of them after the move. Also, pack the dry food separately from the food that needs to be refrigerated. It’s best if the refrigerator is the LAST thing you clear out before your move.
  9. When packing, label all boxes clearly. Since there are several of us living together, we labeled the boxes according to the person they belonged to, and the rooms they needed to get to. ie, bedroom, kitchen, living room etc. Also, number the boxes so you’ll know how many you have in total.
  10. Make sure you set aside the items you’ll need for the first couple of days (at least) after the move and pack them separately in a luggage or backpack instead of the box. This way, you know exactly where to locate the stuff you need immediately. Otherwise you’re going to be rummaging around dozens of boxes for your underwear and toiletries and other essential items, increasing your stress levels exponentially.
  11. Call the gas guy to install the gas. (This is only applicable for those older flats which don’t have the gas pipe, like our current flat)
2013-04-28 02.07.24 HDR
Obviously, the most important items in my possession were my precious books. I packed those first 🙂
My precious Sherlock casebook was carefully wrapped before being packed.

On moving day itself, we were frantically packing the last of our belongings into the boxes, and deciding who was going to remain behind to begin the cleanup of our current residence it was only proper to hand over the flat to our landlord in good condition; that and we wanted our full deposit back :p)  and who was to meet the movers at the new residence to supervise the delivery.

2013-04-30 14.57.34 HDR
All packed and ready to be carted off. (Ignore the clothes at the back. They went in our bags instead)

The movers were late so we just lazed around, waiting for them to arrive.

2013-04-30 15.45.06
My other cat. He’s obviously NOT amused with this move, and has instead opted to hide in the kitchen cabinet and ignore the proceedings.

When the movers did arrive though, they hauled off our boxes and furniture so damn fast, it was all gone in mere minutes!

2013-04-30 16.50.52
Gone in a flash! Professionals at work.
2013-04-30 22.26.03 HDR
And here we are, in our new home. All safe and sound

It was an utterly exhausting day, but we were all relieved it was finally over and safely and smoothly relocated in our new home. Well, most of us were relieved. Our cats weren’t. In fact, they were distinctly and vociferously against the entire thing. They still are actually.

2013-05-01 00.11.30
Here’s our Handsome, with his ‘I’m not impressed’ face
2013-05-01 00.07.30
Patchey with her ‘get me out of here now!’ face

It’s been a week now since we’ve moved into our new digs and our cats have only just warmed up to the place. Their incessant meowing had been keeping myself and my cousin awake every night. Let me repeat that – Loud, continuous meowing. EVERY. BLOODY. NIGHT. For 5 nights. It took all my effort to barely stay awake this past week, and they’ve only just begun to reduce the meowing. Hopefully, I’ll finally have a full night’s sleep tonight.

Here’s to hope 🙂

2012-11-10 20.27.57